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Chapman Square Park
Hi team-- Great launch. The park looks great. A few questions. Can you help me id the trees and plants in the park? And are any of the plants grown at MT. Tabor facility? Also, there were were a few bare patches of grass near the #12 stop. What can we do to address this problem. Finally, the door to the lady's bathroom needs a new paint job. How often do we paint our structures. Great job everyone!
Date Comment Action Completion Date
07/13/2009 Be sure to check out the bathroom door next time you walk by - the fresh paint looks great. Problem eliminated
05/11/2009 As for the source of the plantings:
We have a wonderful relationship with Terra Nova Nurseries, which kindly donated many of the plants in the Chapman Square Park planters. Some the plants in those planters were also procured by our Tabor Yard-based Horticulture Services unit.
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05/11/2009 I will check the door for condition and write a work order if the door needs painted. Staff horticulturists are available to answer specific questions about various trees and shrubs. Call 823-3635 if you would like to follow up on that. Structures are usually painted on regular cycles that vary widely depending on the structure. Heavy wear areas for the turfgrass are problematic in all parks. This is something we might just have to live with, especially given the high foot traffic caused by the bus stop location. Added to work order system

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