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Lownsdale Square Park
Lownsdale Park is the only Mens Room Restroom in Portland with a front door that does not provide the required decency. The toilets and them being "used", is visible from the street. The fact that this dignity and equity problem is allowed to continue in this fashion is very concerning. No person should have to use a toilet facility in a Portland park while exposing themselves to the public being required in order to use the facility properly. The public do not "need" to see people using a urinal when they walk by everyday on that sidewalk by the restroom see through door. The public do not need to see from the PARK AND THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK men pulling their pants up or down while using the toilet This privacy problem needs to be addressed in a "responsible manner immediately" it is unacceptable in this condition. If this restroom is incapable of having a door for dignity and privacy it then needs to be closed down. Knowing that 90% of the users of this restroom may be houseless is not justification to not address this properly, in fact due to the use by houseless people in this neighborhood it seems an equity issue is surfacing that the Portland parks are deliberately ignoring and in a demoralizing way a repair that would be done to every single "other park in the city" - But not this one? I have a video clip link with the title: No Door on the Mens Restroom 7 22 13 Portland Oregon Lownsdale Park - No Dignity No Respect It is attached at the end of this observation post regarding this No Door on the Mens Room issue: Thank you for looking into this issue as soon as possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gclDYr36vh4
Map of Lownsdale Square Park
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09/10/2013 Thank you for sharing your observation and concern about the restrooms at Lownsdale Park.

Commisioner Fritz has recently provided us some guidance on this issue. Here was her response:

The removal of the door was a conscious choice made many years ago as a result of persistent illegal activity and vandalism occurring in the restroom. We believe it was done ten or more years ago. Given the recent increase in illegal activities around the park squares, it doesnât seem like an appropriate time to revisit the decision. Looking forward, potentially changing the restrooms to a Loo might be considered, adding privacy and security. There isnât funding for more Loos in Parks in this yearâs budget, however.
Thank you

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